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Riots, Kidnapping & Coronation!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Here's to a brighter 2023! Let's look forward to London hosting the coronation of King Charles III in May. Westminster Abbey has hosted every coronation since 1066 (so for almost 1000 years)! The crowning takes place on the Cosmati mosaic pavement (pictured here) which was laid down in 1268 by order of King Henry III. Drama is never far away from this historic site with a riot outside the Abbey as William the Conqueror was crowned due to some French translation difficulties. Then, there was the snatching from sanctuary here, of the boy King Edward V who was never crowned and was usurped by his uncle who became Richard III.

Join me on a walking tour this year - from "Modern Monarchy" to "Glorious Gardens", "Father Thames" to "Detectives: fact and fiction" and of course the bestseller "The History of Gin in Westminster". It's a fun, quirky experience and from the level of re-bookings, particularly memorable!

Contact me through the website.

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