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A Royal Progress!

Queen Elizabeth II’s death and early times of the reign of  King Charles III has brought our royal heritage to the fore,  and will bring fresh scrutiny and interest in the modern British monarchy!

On this walking tour, we delve into the past history of our Sovereigns and pause to consider the future. We marvel at the splendour of Westminster Abbey, historic site of a thousand years of coronations. From William the Conqueror on Christmas Day 1066 when there was rioting outside, to the pomp and splendour of the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


Discover fascinating stories behind the dazzling crown jewels! Once housed in the forgotten Jewel Tower, they include a sapphire from Edward the Confessor's ring to a ruby that graced the battlefield at Agincourt in 1415. These gems have survived being washed into the sea, being melted down in 1640s and an attempted theft in the 1670s! 


Peek into sumptuous royal homes - palaces which have symbolised Royal power and tradition, through the ages. These include Westminster, the "mother of all parliaments", once home to Medieval Kings and the lost palace of Whitehall. Up close and personal at St James's Palace and see the world-famous balcony at Buckingham Palace; ceremonial focus of the modern Royal family.  

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Meeting Point: Westminster Tube Station

End Point: Green Park Tube Station

Duration: 2 hours

Optional Extras: Visit to the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace (Historic Royal Palaces)

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