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Westminster Detectives: Fact and Fiction 

Whodunnit? 1 in 3 books sold today are crime novels – we’ll investigate why the crime genre is so successful by unlocking the secrets and inspiration behind global superstar fictitious detectives, from Sherlock Holmes to Hercule Poirot. We’ll track the clues into the inner world of detectives and their chilling cases, a world of ruthlessness, brutality and forensic expertise.


Meet the real and fictional detectives who’ve lived and worked in Westminster over the past 200 years! The cases and personalities of the Met’s detectives at Scotland Yard have inspired generations of crime writers from Charles Dickens to J.K. Rowling.


Westminster continues to attract a global audience; the culture and history of its urban landscape offers a perfect backdrop to many crimes. A walking tour offers the perfect opportunity to examine the secret places which inspired their creators. We’ll uncover the location of a life-size copy of Sherlock Holmes’s apartment, the real places in deepest, darkest Soho portrayed in the Cormoran Strike novels and hear scarcely believable true stories of dismembered bodies found at Charing Cross station and New Scotland Yard.

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