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A Coffee-Fuelled Revolution!


This walking tour explores how the arrival of coffee in London triggered an age of sobriety that laid the foundations for a truly spectacular economic, scientific and artistic growth period. Westminster coffeehouses were favoured by political, medical and scientific men, whilst those around Covent Garden made a huge contribution to journalism, literature, and theatre.


The coffeehouses formed the basis for still thriving institutions such as The Royal Society of Arts and charities such as the RSPCA. On this tour we’ll hear fascinating and dark tales of personalities, events and recreate the atmosphere in these vibrant places. See the Grecian where Sir Isaac Newton once dissected a dolphin and the shadowy alley where poet John Dryden was attacked! 


Meeting Point: Charing Cross Station Forecourt

End Point: The Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand

Duration: 2 hours

Optional Extras: Visits to modern coffee shops and/or Twinings Tea Museum

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