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Royal Palaces and Jewels 


Using my geological background, we’ll delve into the architecture and building stones of Westminster’s four Royal Palaces. From the Palace of Westminster and its 900 chequered and fascinating years as the centre of one of the world’s oldest democracies, to the remains of Henry VIII’s fabulous Whitehall Palace and the execution site of a King!


We’ll hear little known facts about St James Palace and reveal some of its modern uses by the current Royals. Learn about Prince Albert’s contributions to Buckingham Palace including the kitchens and the world-renowned front balcony. These magnificent architectural masterpieces hide tales of overspending, Royal spats and excess as well as a unique perspective on the events that have shaped modern Britain.


The stories behind the stunning Crown Jewels start with the 12th C coronation spoon, move to their recreation post-Civil War in the 1660s and include their storage in biscuit tins during WWII! The priceless individual gems including the Cullinan and Koh-i-noor diamonds, the Black Prince’s ruby and St Edward’s sapphire are all associated with intriguing and often dark tales!