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Wren: Science, Domes and Spires

2023 is Sir Christopher Wren's tercentenary. His world-class legacy has a backdrop of bloody civil war, Puritan rule under Oliver Cromwell, restoration of the monarchy and political/religious upheaval leading to  constitutional monarchy. This talk covers his lesser known scientific and mathematical ideas and inventions, his move to architecture and the stunning legacy of churches, hospitals, libraries, mansions and palaces he's left.


Wren served six sovereigns and the keys to success include his background, connections and amiable character together with an underlying genius that delivered his legacy in the most turbulent of times.

His contributions to mathematics, anatomy and astronomy, gave us the Royal Society and provided ideas which others including Isaac Newton used to make significant scientific advances.


In addition, his draftsman-ship, engineering and organizational skills gave us many superb and varied buildings; a hugely impressive achievement, not just an architectural one.

We'll visit Oxford, Cambridge, and London on this virtual tour ending at his masterpiece, St Paul's Cathedral. "If you seek his memorial, look about you". Here, the message on his tomb reminds us to marvel at his wonderful gifts to us. 

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