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Father Thames: The Tides of Change 


Not just a’s the very reason for London’s being! Learn how London transformed from Roman settlement and port, Londinium, into our 21st Century world-class capital city on the banks of the River Thames. Going with the flow, we’ll hear about the river’s early role as a crossing place, a trading route, port and frontier.


We’ll track the ebb and flow of change, investigating its gradual transformation from water source and Royal processional route into sewer and industrial hub before cleaning up its act and becoming the focus for leisure and tourist activity! As the vital artery winding through our capital, the River Thames defines our nation through the historic and iconic Palace of Westminster that sits proudly on its banks.


Once the meeting place of the King and his advisory council in the 11th century, its role has evolved to the workplace of the representatives of the people in our 21st century democracy. Learn more about the river's influence on every aspect of London life as we uncover its captivating story.

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