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"I Spy London"

The FREE "Spies, Lies and Deception" exhibition at London’s Imperial War Museum (until 14th April 2024). ties into my new talk "I Spy London" which digs into the history of the intelligence services, the daring exploits of real planners and agents and the fictional spies of John le Carré and Mick Herron who ply their trade on the streets of London.

The exhibition covers over 100 years of intrigue from espionage before WWI to the cyber-spying of the present day. Visit and explore the scarcely believable plots and daring deception that have changed the course of history.

This key exhibition challenges us to think about the human cost of elaborate deception plots from the well-known “Operation Mincemeat” (now a musical!) to the heroic sacrifices of the Special Operations Executive whose memorial is situated near Lambeth Palace (see above).

This poignant memorial commemorates the men and women who displayed incredible heroism behind enemy lines during WWII. The bust of Violette Szabo tops the memorial – she was just one of 117 brave agents who gave their lives for the cause.

"a fascinating look at the tricks, and dangers, of espionage" ★★★★★ The Telegraph

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