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Free Festive Lights

London's Christmas lights are something to behold and they're free to admire and enjoy! So where are the best displays?

The angels of Regent Street (aka The Spirit of Christmas) feature massive winged spirits blowing trumpets amidst a canopy of 300,000 sparkling lights. Piccadilly's fabulous arcades and lights have Fortnum and Mason at their heart with a giant advent calendar, glowing a festive red across their façade. Why not pop in to the Royal favourite for afternoon tea and a browse? For over 300 years, they have been renowned for wonderful hampers, delicious food, joy-giving gifts and unforgettable experiences. Fortnums, apparently "invented" the Scotch Egg and despatch around 120,000 hampers a year!

New Bond Street, home to the flagship stores of some of the poshest brands in the world, including Cartier, Dior and Tiffany, has Royal themed lights with massive crowns and some of the best Christmas window displays in town.

Covent Garden and Seven Dials are “must sees” for their historic setting and pretty cobbled streets. Seven Dials is full of hidden gems, quirky shops and eclectic eateries; the area's festive installation comprises twinkling decorations and baubles weaved around the famous roundabout. Visit the market in the historic Thomas Neal’s Warehouse, where the food hall offers the tastiest street eats and the freshest festive cocktails!

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