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Last Chance: Museum of London

You have just weeks to visit the FREE Museum of London’s main site at London Wall before it closes as a visitor attraction in December 2022! The museum is closing in preparation for its relocation to West Smithfield where it will re-open in 2025 as "The London Museum". The countdown includes a celebration of the museum’s 45 years at London Wall. This amazing collection tells us so much about London's rich past. From Roman remains, to women's history, London's fashion scene, the Great Fire of London and Black history. This is an unmissable chance to see this wide and varied collection in it's original home on the edge of the Barbican Estate (see below) for the last time. Open Monday to Sunday 10am until 5pm, do pop in and take a look.

Photo: Ethan Doyle (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

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