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A Greener City - Living Walls & Open Gardens!

In view of climatic changes, our green spaces are more precious and relevant than ever. Urban green space gives us Increased biodiversity, places to recharge our batteries as well as lowering temperatures. Green space is not just horizontal! Take a look around in London - there are several so called "living walls" in London and more appearing all the time. They are beneficial to the environment and don't take up any space on the ground. One of my favourites is in Covent Garden created by Biotecture. It's on the corner of Long Acre and James Street opposite the tube station and includes plants such as Heuchera, Euonymus, Bergenia, liriope and lonicera which appeal to native birds, provide nectar and promote biodiversity whilst improving air quality. Other living walls at Embankment station and on the side of the Rubens Hotel near Buckingham Palace (see below) are a welcome sight especially in the summer when the urban heat island effect is most intense. Open Gardens is on this WEEKEND! Here's the link to more information!

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