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London Calling

These five red phone boxes on Broad Court next to the original Bow Street Magistrates Court (now the Nomad Hotel) are 'iconic'. The red telephone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880- 1960) and, along with the red post box and the red London bus, is an instantly recognizable symbols of Britain. Scott's design of the K2 cast iron telephone kiosk won a Post Office sponsored competition in 1924. His updated K6 design followed in 1935 and here are five of them in the heart of London. By 1940, there were 35,000 K6 design red telephone boxes scattered across every town and village throughout Britain – and it is this design which has become a universal icon. Public phone boxes have been overtaken by mobile phones and one can now find them housing defibrillators, libraries and indoor gardens!

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